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Red Envelopes

When was the last time you received a hand-written letter? 

I bet it has been a long time for many of us.  The Red Envelope is something akin to a handwritten letter of gratitude for the instructors who you have provided you with these special teachings.  It is not about the amount of money but rather the depth of sincerity that is the real currency in this exchange.  The giving of Red Envelopes, as practiced by BTB Feng Shui is a symbol and gesture of your heartfelt thanks for someone who touched or assisted you in a profound way.

What is the Red Envelope Tradition?

It is the giving of 3, 9, or 27 red envelopes to the teachers by the student to express their appreciation as well as a way of honoring the teacher, the teachings, and the lineage.  It also adds power to the teaching and ensures the correct and proper use of the knowledge.

Where did this tradition come from?

The Red Envelope tradition originated in China where they were exchanged at special occasions where participants wanted protection from negative Chi, such as the New Year celebrations, weddings, blessings, and of course, visits by a Feng Shui master or doctor.

Why the color red?

Red is the most of yang of colors, as such it has the power to "burn away" negative chi.  Red is also universally known as a color of power, prosperity, and protection.   Dating back to the Roman Empire and beyond, red gems were often used to decorate the hilts of swords to protect and bring strength and power to the bearer.  Both in Kabbalistic (Red String from Matriarch Rachel's Tomb) and Hindu traditions (Lakshmi Pooja), red strings are tied around the wrist to bring protection and prosperity.  Traditionally in China, brides wore red not white to protect them from jealous onlookers but more significantly to symbolize blessings for her future marriage. 

I already paid the tuition.  Isn't that enough?

The tuition is the yang aspect of payment - tangible, visible, and logic based.  Red Envelopes are like the yin aspect of compensation - intangible, undefined, and feeling based.  As such, there is no fixed $ amount for red envelopes other than we recommend that 3,9, or 27 envelopes be used.


What do the teachers do with the Red Envelopes?

Once the teachers receive the Red Envelopes they send students further blessings using the Three Secrets (a mind, body, and speech based tool to program and empower an object) then they sleep with them under their pillow for one night at which point they are free to open the Red Envelopes and use the money.


Send Virtual
Red Envelopes

By clicking on the instructor's name below and selecting the number of envelopes, BTB Masters Online will send Red Envelopes on your behalf...

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