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Online courses taught by BTB Master Instructors and Senior Graduates on specific applications of Feng Shui


Below are the list of courses available online.  Each session is approximately 40 - 60 minutes long


Spa Design Feng Shui - 2 sessions​ $90

Course designed for spa owners, yoga studios, or persons in the medical and healing professions.  Learn how to use Feng Shui principles to create environments that support healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

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Feng Shui for Real Estate -  3 sessions  $135

​Create a competitive edge in real estate by using Feng Shui.  This course is designed for home owners and real estate professionals to help sell properties by understanding the intangible energetic factors that influence the sale.

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Feng Shui for Children​ - 5 sessions  $225

​A comprehensive and in-depth course on BTB Feng Shui's wisdom on the topic of parenting and children.  The course addresses and provides adjustments for common parenting concerns such as sleep problems, attention disorders, bullies, creativity, and much more.

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Feng Shui Renovations - 4 Courses (Home, Bathroom, Kitchen, and Before & After Examples)

S. Lee Wright guides you through a Home Renovation Project using Feng Shui rituals, while helping you stay on budget and on schedule, creating Beautiful and Functional spaces.

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