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Designing Healing Spaces

with Feng Shui


​Are you an acupuncturist, spa owner, healer or an M.D. who would like to enhance your practice by creating an environment that is healing, relaxing and rejuvenating?  Would you like to learn about Feng Shui techniques that will help your business become more financially lucrative?

​Feng Shui for Spas, Healers, Yoga Studios, Doctors

"Over the last ten years the healthcare industry has recognized that the physical environment is a valuable resource that can and does affect all of its customers. An excellent healing environment will reinforce excellent clinical care. One of the most important principles is to create an environment that meets the customers need for safety, support, competence, physical comfort and psychological comfort."​

Excerpt from Creating a Healing Environment
By Myron D Fottler; Robert C Ford; Velma Roberts; Eric W Ford; Julius D Spears Jr
Journal of Healthcare Management

​The Body's Reaction to the Space Around Us

Improve your environment, Improve your quality of life

Environmental well being is related to Feng Shui because of people's continual direct interaction with their physical surroundings. Feng Shui maximizes positive energy and eliminates negative influences that could be detrimental to those frequenting a space.  When anyone walks into your office, you want them to feel comfortable, peaceful, important and happy.  With Feng Shui practices, you can improve the energy of your space, the ability to positively impact your clients' well being, as well as enhance their ability to heal.  You can, and will, feel more motivated, less stressed, creative and empathic.

Our environments affect us on the molecular level...

Dr. Masaru Emoto projected different types of thoughts onto glasses of water, froze them, and examined the resulting water crystals under a microscope. What he found was that water crystals infused with higher vibrational thoughts like “love” or “joy” formed beautiful patterns, while those with negative thoughts like “hate” or “anger” were rough, opaque and in a state of chaos. Now think about this: since 75 percent of your body is water, how could your environments be influencing it?

​About Judith visit Judith's website

Judith Wendell is the founder of SACRED CURRENTS: a company dedicated to creating vital and thriving environments. Judith offers her expertise to corporate and private clients alike.  She is equally comfortable at home advising on large business premises or small studio

apartments - working comfortably from architectural drawings or on-site.  Judith holds a 3-year accredited degree from the BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program, formed at the request of Professor Lin Yun, distinguished philosopher and foremost authority on Feng Shui.


When working with a client, she incorporates her knowledge of Flying Star Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Bau-biologie, Nine Star Ki, I-Ching and Chinese Astrology, which she has studied with some of the world's most renowned teachers.  Judith focuses on clearing and blessing rituals, which are so important for the effectiveness of any Feng Shui adjustments. ​Judith has completed courses of study in Neurosensory Development with the Downing Institute in San Francisco, and advanced courses at the Academy of Sound, Color and Movement in Domaine des Courmettes, France. Judith attended the School of Practical Philosophy in New York for 16 years, where meditation and study of the great spiritual traditions are emphasized. 


She holds a BS in Fashion Merchandising and has enjoyed a prosperous career in marketing and product development.  Judith brings her lifelong interest in interior design and architecture to her work, recognizing that beauty and order are integral to well-being.  She is available for residential, corporate and retail consultations.​



Does your environment support your business?

Feng Shui is a powerful tool that can help change the environment to support the needs of its inhabitants. ​Feng Shui is a Chinese name for an ancient and ubiquitous discipline that analyzes and studies the influence of our environments on the well being of inhabitants.  It was known as Geomancy in the West and has been practiced actively throughout history across the world.  The great Pyramids of Egypt, Mayan Temples, even the great cathedrals across Europe honor certain dimensions and placements that support the purposes of these sacred places.  


In modern times, celebrity figures and business moguls such as Mayor Bloomberg, Madonna, Sting, and Donald Trump are all known to incorporate Feng Shui in their homes and businesses. It is no secret that Fortune 500 companies and luxury hotel and spa chains employ Feng Shui Masters to help design their spaces. 


The Feng Shui of your workspace can be extremely influential on your business' success, reputation and productivity.

By taking this course, you can evaluate your office space even before moving in. You will also be able to understand the strategy behind the layout you choose, the position of your desk and how you experience the energy of the space.

In this course, you will learn how to use Feng Shui's Five Element Theory and the Bagua (Feng Shui map or template) to apply these concepts to your own space through the use of color, placement, objects and lighting.

Better your business,
Better your life


This course is for you if you are...

Interested in learning about how your environment can promote well being and recovery​

A business owner of a spa or healthcare facility and would like to create a more welcoming and healing environment

Looking to open a new practice and would like to apply Feng Shui principles that will help grow your business

A healthcare practitioner or business owner who is suffering financially

A Feng Shui practitioner who would like to apply Feng Shui principles to healing spaces

Topics Covered in Session 1

In this session you will learn why Feng Shui is an effective tool and how it works.  Judith will introduce several basic Feng Shui principles as they relate to a healthy environment:

  • The concept of Chi: Theories around Chi, life force energy of the universe


  • Yin Yang Theory:  The theory of complementary opposites


  • The "Bagua": Life Map used to understand and apply Feng Shui adjustments


  • The Five Element Theory: Theory that describes the natural processes / phases of Life   

Topics Covered in Session 2

We will examine case studies of well known healing spaces around the world to deepen understanding of how to apply the Feng Shui principles we learned in session 1 to your own space. This session will show you specific adjustments and examples to apply the Theories you have learned through different patterns, spacial arrangements, horizontal versus vertical placements and decorative pieces.  We will also explore how to remedy and enhance common business concerns, such as cash flow, notoriety and recognition and relationships with staff, clients and community.

Total Course Length:​
112 minutes divided into 2 sessions

​​You may review the course as many times as you want within 60 days from starting the course

Course led by Judith Wendell BTB MFS

2 sessions, $90


Robert Henry, Architect

"Judith Wendell is one of the best things I have ever done for my company and my life. I hired Judith to arrange the placement of furnishings so that my business would have a great feeling when clients walked in the door, and for employees and those of us who were serving these clients. Well we all LOVE it here and never want to leave. I have hired Judith on a personal occasion as well, as a gift for my daughter; that's how much I loved what she did for us here. She's the GOLD STANDARD for Feng Shui."

Mary McGuire-Wien, Owner American Yogini

"Judith made some very insightful suggestions to energetically and visually connect our retail area to the spa, which helped greatly to increase sales. In the spa, her Feng Shui adjustments helped balance our relaxation area, so that guests could feel more at ease and protected. Judith's recommendations for our back office, a rather difficult area, really made us all feel a lot more comfortable and effective in the space."

Denise Vitiello, Spa Director, Mandarin Oriental, New York

"I've had the good fortune of working with Judith Wendell on the Mandarin Oriental, a Miami hotel where we are re-designing the Spa and Wellness Floor. Judith has developed a Feng-Shui strategy which has informed our design direction. Her insight is a powerful tool which will increase revenue sales in the retail boutique area and will be easy to implement."

Jill Blakely, Licensed Acupuncturist and Board Certified Herbalist
Founder of the YinOva Center

​"When I first hired Judith Wendell to clear my office space I was a little skeptical about how much she would be able to achieve. However, the office felt so different after her session that patients asked me what I had done. I noticed an immediate spike in business, which I attributed to her work and the warm, calm environment she helped to create. As my practice grew I expanded into a larger space and this time I had no hesitation about inviting Judith back. The new office felt wonderful after our session. Once again, how different the office felt struck my regular patients. More than one person remarked on how peaceful it made them feel. The effect was immediate with so many new patients calling to book that we could not keep up with the demand. I am now a big fan of Feng Shui and of Judith's abilities."

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