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"Among the Feng Shui experts who have assisted in the development of a peaceful society is my disciple Steven Post, whom I have known for over thirty years, and who my students and I respect very much. I have attended Steven's lectures, and I have been pleased to note that he is able to use everyday language in explaining his profound knowledge. He is an esteemed scholar who is familiar with both ancient and modern studies. When he presents his scholastic views, he quotes from classic writings and the most reliable sources, thus making his analysis honest, dependable, and accurate. His Feng Shui studies are not limited to the Eastern or the Chinese. His scholastic attainment in the geomancy of the ancient world and the world's religions is also impressively remarkable. His knowledge of Chinese Feng Shui is deep and very profound, including the traditional, the non-traditional, Black Sect Tantric Buddhist School, non-Black Sect Tantric Buddhist schools, Taoist School, esoteric Buddhist School, Yin-Yang School, and Eclectic School. Steven has also traveled to China many times with me and Professor Leo Chen, the supreme supervisor of the Fourth Stage of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism, noted scholar, and superintendent of the Lin Yun Temple. During our visits, Steven gave expert Feng Shui analyses and transcendental adjustment methods for China's major cities, townships, streets, residences, ancient temples, airports, seaports, and boundaries. For Steven's vast knowledge, abundance of experiences, and spiritual cultivation, I give the 'The Modern Book of Feng Shui' my strongest commendation."  

H.H. Prof. Thomas Lin Yun  Grandmaster and Founder of BTB Feng Shui

"I am very delighted to report that Feng Shui has brought a clarity and purpose to my life I never thought possible. The intent originally was to create harmony in my life but without thinking how it would impact my sons. Now, this side benefit is actually my focus. Anybody looking to broaden or strengthen their parental relationship with their child should consider Feng Shui. The first meeting was several years ago, after I had first heard of Steven Post and his relation to the art of Feng Shui, and I first pursued information on how it might help me. That has been over fifteen years ago and I am happy to report my life has never been clearer. Each year with Steven Post is better then the previous. I have always been interested in the spiritual side of life, and the idea that Feng Shui could help balance the yin and yang or male and female side of energy just made sense to me. The personal adjustment done yearly helps immensely in scheduling all of the important events that I schedule for myself.  I wouldn't dream of doing anything important without the blessing of the Feng Shui calendar. The timing of actions according to the Feng Shui calendar is used almost like a bible to me. I have been taught several different exercises, which have helped me further my personal development, and I am enormously grateful."

Suzette Howard, Mother and Real Estate Professional

Testimonials about Steven

"I first met Steven as a very young boy, and even then I was aware of this man's amazing presence. Although I haven't had too many meetings with Steven, he aided me greatly in developing a deeper connection with my inner spirituality through one particular packet I was given on meditation. Since then, I have been able to establish peace of mind, happiness and tranquility. Not only has this inner development led to a deeper understanding of my role in this universe, it has also helped me with endeavors in the physical world. I feel like every person should have the chance to meet this benevolent being. He has a healing energy and unprecedented knowledge. The other enlightening and bonding benefit has been the relationship to my mother, as we share the interest and meditational practices of those taught by Steven. Thanks, Steven!"

Marty Howard, College Student

Session 1:   Feng Shui Children and Chi​
Feng Shui Children, Feng Shui Kids

An Introduction to key concepts of Feng Shui


How to develop, cultivate, respect and work with children's Chi


The role of the parent and nurturing spirituality in our children​


The Influence of the home, school, and neighborhood on children's lives


Creating Children's Rooms as Refuges of Comfort and Repose


Children's Beds and Desks (Maximizing efficiency, productivity, and command)


Order and Clutter and preventing childhood accidents


The Use of Color in Children's Rooms


Sleeping, Homework, Play, Free time and Other Functional Issues related to Children's Room


Tools & Techniques:  Calming Heart Meditation and Inhale Exhale Method for Children

How best to work with your child


Helping Children Cope with Fears, Anxiety and Change


A Feng Shui Understanding and Approach to Fears, Anger, Anxiety, Change and Suppressed Chi


The Power of Intention: Body, Speech and Mind


Tools & Techniques: The Method of Minor Additions, The Three Secret Reinforcements

Session 2: Evaluating Your Child's Chi (Helping Children Cope, Adjusting the Environment)

Encouraging Children's Play and Creativity


Connecting to Nature and Feeling Chi


Meditation and Feng Shui as forms of play


Tools & Techniques: I Circle Around, Talking With Trees, Creating Minature Worlds, and Wild Gardens

Session 3: Encouraging Your Child's Inner Life (Play, Creativity and Nature)

The Features of the Home as Indicators of Children's Lives


Learning Styles and the Spaces of Children's Lives


The role of the parent is guiding and disciplining the child.


Controlling the Chi for Different Learning Types


Feng Shui adjustments for Children's Issues: Hyperactivity, Focus, Improving Grades, Discipline, Sensory Defensiveness and Integration, The Unruly Child, Shyness, Laziness, Bullying


Tools & Techniques: Pure Love, Using the Yu to Stabilize Children's Lives, The Three Flute Method, Sun Moon Magic Mirror

Session 4: Children's Emotional Landscape

Children and Safety: Helping children cope with an imperfect, often violent world


Children and Sleep: Helping children cope effectively with sleep problems, Cure for nightmares


Tools & Techniques: The Colors of Protection, The Red Ball Purification Method, Special Use of the Heart Calming Mantra for Sleep Issues, Spiritual Sand

Session 5: Safety and Sleep
Total Course Length:


 270 minutes divided into 5 sessions

You may review as many times as you want for 150 days from starting the course.

Course led by Steven Post
5 sessions, $225

Feng Shui Children's Lives and Environments ​​​

to help them reach their full potential!

The pressures today on parents and children are unprecedented. The demands on parents and the extraordinary burdens our children carry challenge their ability to succeed and thrive in a complex and demanding world.  For many, childhood has lost its care-freeness and innocence. Societal pressures on the family make acting with emotional intelligence and guiding our children toward healing, wholeness and success a daunting challenge. 

Feng Shui can help transform children and their environments with practical and effective methods that contribute to family unity and evolution, help resolve problems, and encourage your child's happiness and success. In this course, you will learn to address and adjust issues in a three-fold manner using Black Sect Tantric Feng Shui and personal Chi adjustment methods to adjust the environment, the self, and the social dynamic.

Some of the problems and issues commonly experienced by children that we will address in this course are:


Supporting and enhancing children's success at home and at school


Helping children feel safe, strong, and protected


Dealing with mean spiritedness and bullies


Issues of sleep and restfulness, including bad dreams


Reducing stress and anxiety


Strengthening compassion, empathy, and altruism


Understanding how to deal with anger, fear, and peer pressure


Encouraging creativity, skillfulness, and wisdom

About Steven Post visit Steven's website

Steven is a Feng Shui scholar, consultant, educator, and author, with over thirty-five years of experience and is known as Feng Shui's Walking Encyclopedia.  Steven wrote the acclaimed "The Modern Book of Feng Shui" and has contributed to the vitality and harmony of thousands of homes and businesses, applying 

Feng Shui to residential, corporate, and new construction projects, with individuals, businesses including Fortune 500 companies, architects, and developers.  His faculty positions have included The Council of the Living Earth at the Ojai Foundation, The International Feng Shui Center, The Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design, The New England School of Feng Shui, and a field faculty appointment at Norwich University. He is also on the board of Sacred Sites International Foundation and the Institute of Integrated Sciences. His column, "Intercultural Geomancy" appeared in the Lin Yun Temple News and Site Saver Magazine. He has been featured on NBC Dateline, in Newsweek, Esquire, The New York Times Magazine, House Beautiful, CBS Evening News, The Voice of America and many other national and international venues.

Steven Post, Feng Shui Children Instructor

Create Joy, not Chaos

A child's room created with feng shui in mind will serve as an emotional and physical support during many experiences of your child's growth.

Families, Parents, Siblings, and Relatives of Children who are interested in improving their children's lives through Feng Shui


Teachers, counselors and psychologists who would like to learn how use Feng Shui techniques to help their students and clients


Anyone who is interested in how ancient wisdom can benefit and support modern parenting


Feng Shui Practitioners who would like to enhance and deepen their ability help children and their families 

Is This Course for Me?

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Feng Shui Kids' Environments for Success, Safety, and Support

Would you like to learn how to use Feng Shui to best support and enhance your children's success at home and school?  Do

your children feel safe, strong, and protected? Are they able to deal well with mean-spiritedness and bullies?  Did you know that

Feng Shui can help deal with problems of sleep and restfulness including bad dreams? Would you like to learn tools and techniques

to help reduce children's stress and anxiety and even further learn to strengthen their compassion, empathy, and altruism? Do your children have the right tools to deal with anger, fear, and peer pressure? Do you know how to encourage their creativity, skillfulness, and wisdom?

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