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H.H. Grandmaster Lin Yun offering a blessing to the

BTB Masters Feng Shui Training Class of 2009 at Graduation


Become a certified Feng Shui Master with the most advanced and longest running Feng Shui School in America




by application only 

Masters Training Program

Oct 21-24, 2016

Feb 10-13, 2017
Apr 21-25, 2017
June  23-26, 2017



$4,005 per year
(Payments plans available / Scholarship Assistance

by application)



Create the Life You Want:

One-day Intro Intensive

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To inquire about the Program,

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Professional Training:
A Transformational Life Path

BTBs 3-year Master Feng Shui Training program offers teacher continuity and the time for in-depth training that allows students to develop their personal chi and inner strength, and design environments that create maximum harmony and support for those who live and work there.  Our annual certificates for completion of Levels I, II, and III requirements confirm the depth of knowledge, experience and commitment our students achieve along the way to certification.  While there are many ways to learn Feng Shui, earning certification from the BTB Feng Shui™ Masters Training Program, as one of the oldest and most comprehensive certifications, will reassure clients that our graduates are qualified Feng Shui consultants who have the training and skills to support them at a very deep level.


Features and Benefits of the
BTB Master Feng Shui Certificate

  • Classroom Training

  • 3 Years of personal unlimited mentoring with program instructors

  • Gain practical experience at up to 60 on-site mentor-led consultations, about 140 hours per year

  • 3 years of one-on-one assistance with personal and professional issues, and with your own clients -- so you begin earning while learning

  • Feng Shui Home Evaluation in your first year

  • Become fully proficient with skills to assess a variety of environments and assist clients in overcoming life challenges

  • Upon completion of Year 1 and 2 requirements, students receive an annual certificate and placement on our website

  • Students receive 20% off online courses offered by BTB Masters

Why BTB Feng Shui Masters Certification?
The BTB Master Feng Shui Training Program is the longest-running, most advanced BTB Feng Shui school in North America, and was developed at the request of Professor Lin Yun, foremost Feng Shui Master and Philosopher in the West.  Professor Lin Yun's Black Sect teachings, while based on ancient Chinese philosophy, such as Yin-Yang Theory, Chi, and traditional Feng Shui, are the most useful, up-to-date and compatible with modern science and design.  For these reasons, BTB Feng Shui is the most commonly practiced Feng Shui technique in the United States.

BTB Masters Feng Shui Training Class of 2012

Khadro Crystal Rinpoche addressing Class of 2012 

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