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Learn how to use Feng Shui to Transform your life​

​Feng Shui is a simple yet powerful tool that can help people with everyday problems BTB Masters Online was created to offer access to the deep knowledge of Feng Shui on dedicated topics. 

Study Feng Shui to enhance and improve your life!  
Feng Shui is a Chinese name for an ancient and ubiquitous discipline that analyzes and studies the influence of our environments on the well being of its inhabitants.  It was known as Geomancy in the West and has been practiced actively throughout history across the world.  The great Pyramids of Egypt, Mayan Temples, even the great cathedrals across Europe honor certain dimensions and placements that support the purpose of these sacred places.   Urban planning is also a form of Feng Shui as its intent is to design cities that are most efficient and useful for its citizens.


In modern times, celebrity figures and business moguls such as Madonna, Sting, and Donald Trump are all known to incorporate Feng Shui in their homes and businesses.  It is no secret that Fortune 500 companies and luxury hotel and spa chains employ Feng Shui Masters to help design their spaces.  Recently, Ford issued a press release regarding the Feng Shui of your car!

In essence, Feng Shui is Spatial Psychology.  It is a science, as it is based on statistical and empirical studies that have been recorded over millennia by dedicated scholars and an art form as the application is never formulaic and requires the skill and intuition of the practitioner.  What Feng Shui is NOT - an exotic new age mystical practice unique to China.  

Learn Feng Shui on topics such as Feng Shui Children, Feng Shui for Spas, Feng Shui for Real Estate and much more...​  Study Feng Shui with preeminent master instructors online at home at your own convenience.

Available Courses

Spa Design Feng Shui​​
with Judith Wendell​

Feng Shui for Real Estate
​​with Michele Duffy

Feng Shui for Children

​with Steven Post

Feng Shui Renovations

with S. Lee Wright

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